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    Reality Check Time - Today is a new day!

    Deaconess Clinic Petersburg 11/28/2014

    Ever get in a rut and seem stuck? Everything around seems gray and sad and just BLAAHHH. 

    This blog is for you, you worn-out moms, drained women and fading ladies

    Thoughts control our mood and actions. We all need a good restart or reality check. So here is a quick list to revitalize, rejuvenate, renew, and refresh you.
    (1) Stop competing: Quit looking at everyone as rivals or enemies. The mom next to you may look like she has it all together. But likely, if you dig enough, she’s in the shape you are or worse!
    (2) Find your joy: What activity do you find yourself singing or feel your heart jump with excitement? When was the last time that you did something that you were so excited that you couldn’t sleep the night before? Some find joy in volunteering, gardening, quilting, running, the list goes on and on.  Rediscover your joy and may be surprised how your world might change.
    (3) Know thyself: Complete this sentence, “I AM ___________________.” This gives you the clearest definition of you. You only have to be who you are, no more…no less.  Be you.
    (4) Identify your personal strengths: When was the last time you sat down and made a list of your talents, skills, abilities, and gifts? Write down and don’t stop until you absolutely cannot think of another thing. Also, no weaknesses and no negativity. It might surprise you how amazing you really are.
    (5) Find strength in numbers: It’s time to get back in contact with friends you have lost touch with. You are not alone and you shouldn’t act like you are. Call, text, or email a friend or two letting them know what they mean to you and seeing when can you reconnect. Then follow through and spend time together. No cellphone, no outside distractions.
    (6) Cut back on screen time: Have you gone without your cell phone for a couple of days? Does it make you panic to think about it? We are so connected into social media, breaking news, latest games on our phones, tablets, etc. We challenge you for one weekend, change your voicemail to tell people an alternate way to contact you in case of emergency but otherwise turn off your phone or put it away. You will be liberated more than you realized when you aren’t staring at your screen.
    Be Well!

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