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Concussion Clinic

Our Approach

Many people are scared or unsure of what to do when they suspect a concussion. We have trained professionals who understand how to diagnose and treat concussions of all types, with the goal of getting you back to normal activity sooner and more safely!  No referral is needed to be seen at the Deaconess Concussion Clinic. 
Many people do not realize they have a concussion because their signs and symptoms are not perceived as serious. However, 90% of people with concussions do not lose consciousness. In fact, you do not have to hit your head to get a concussion and an MRI or CT scan does not always show a concussion injury. Concussions can happen when another part of your body receives a hard impact which causes force in your head and results in a concussion.
We treat all types of concussions from a variety of injury types. Concussions can be caused by sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, falls, work hazards, or other unexpected accidents. 


​​Post-Concussion Assessment and Treatment:
Deaconess Concussion Clinic staff will evaluate your potential concussion and design an effective treatment plan for recovery. Make an appointment with the Deaconess Concussion Clinic. 

Baseline Test for Athletes:
This FREE ImPACT test measures normal brain function and helps doctors make decisions for athletes who suffer a concussion. This free baseline testing is available for individuals and teams.
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