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Our Approach

Patient Centered Care - Deaconess Cancer ServicesAt Deaconess Cancer Services, we approach cancer care as a collaborative effort between physicians, nurses, social workers, nutrition services, and others — all working in concert with patients and their families. It’s a comprehensive process that treats the disease and cares for the person.

This level of integrated care was previously something you might only find in academic medical centers, but Deaconess Cancer Services is proud to bring a multidisciplinary care model to the communities we serve.

How does multidisciplinary care work?
Instead of a generalized approach, we subdivide our care among disease-site specific teams. Each care team focuses on a specific type of disease by anatomy, such as:
A care team works together in a pod centered on the patient, allowing a person to visit a single location for their care and see any needed specialists in their pod.

Deaconess Cancer Services has care teams for every major type of cancer, and has regular meetings across this variety of disciplines to review each case and discuss what each patient’s particular needs.  Treatment plans are developed and communicated to the patient, explaining the diagnosis, stage of the cancer and overall plan of care.

Second Opinions

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed or have already started treatment, you can get a second opinion from Deaconess Cancer Services.

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