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Our Success

Our IVF Network's Success
The national Boston IVF network has assisted in 90,000+ babies born since 1986. Our network has together performed more than 4,000+ IVF cycles each year. Our lab team consists of 30+ scientific directors, lab scientists, embryologists and technicians who are leaders in embryo development. Our scientific teams analyze 30+ years of IVF data to improve IVF success rates. This crucial data helps us to solve difficult/rare infertility cases and helps our patients find success faster.

BIVF at The Women's Hospital's Success
​For a detailed list of Boston IVF at The Women's Hospital's success rates, please view the Society for Reproductive Technology’s (SART) clinic report.
*Note: A comparison of clinic success rates may not be meaningful because patient medical characteristics, treatment approaches, and entry criteria for Advanced Reproductive Technology may vary from clinic to clinic.

Within the Society for Reproductive Technology’s (SART) clinic report, you will learn more about:
  • Cumulative IVF success rates per egg retrieval cycle
  • Primary IVF success rates outcome per egg retrieval cycle
  • Subsequent IVF success rates outcome 9Frozen cycles)
  • Live birth rates per new patient
  • Fresh donor egg success rates
  • Frozen donor egg success rates
  • Thawed embryo success rates
Our Footprint Wall
One of the best parts about our job is getting to meet the little miracles we helped create! Since our opening in 2013, we have invited patients to bring their babies back to our office to put their footprints on our wall.

Now after 7 years, we have had to expand to two walls! We love the memories this wall creates, as each of our patients has such a unique journey that leads them to their success. Due to the current times, we are not allowing visitors in the office. However, we will create a graphic of a footprint with the name and date of birth of your baby and post it on our Facebook page . 

If you have recently had a baby and would like their name on the wall, please fill out the form below with information about your baby. Some of these statistics are used for outcome data reporting.
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