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We are dedicated to making your baby's birth a positive experience from the moment you choose The Women's Hospital. Your Maternal Care Advisor will prepare you for your stay at The Women's Hospital and connect you with resources and education that you will need before delivery.

There is no fee for this phone appointment and you can schedule an appointment at your convenience. If you have questions or difficulty scheduling, contact our preadmission department by calling 812-842-4170.

We recommend that this appointment take place when you are 25-32 weeks pregnant . *NOTE: Please call 812-842-4170 to schedule your appointment if English is not your primary language. We will make sure an interpreter is available for your appointment time.

During your pre-admission appointment, your Maternal Care Advisor will:
  • Verify that your admission papers are complete
  • Answer your questions about labor, delivery and newborn care
  • Start completing paperwork for baby’s birth certificate
Please have the following items available at the time of your appointment.
  • Insurance or Medicaid card
  • Driver’s license or picture ID
  • Name of baby’s physician
  • Social Security number for both of baby's parents 
  • County of birth for both of baby's parents
  • Birthdates for both of baby's parents
To ensure a quicker admission process, please complete the online patient registration form before this appointment.


A nurse will call you at the start of your selected appointment time. 

When scheduling your appointment online, please include your due date and doctor's name in the "reason for visit" field.  

Schedule an appointment with Pre-Admission
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