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Food & Exercise Logs

Food Diaries and Exercise Logs Compliance Policy
  • Diaries and logs are required for compliance in the weight loss program.
  • Diaries and logs must be completed before your monthly visit as they will be reviewed with our staff.
  • Most insurance policies require logs to approve weight loss surgery. Any days missing may result in a delay or decline in surgery.
  • Failure to complete diaries and logs can result in a discharge from the program.
Diaries and logs are necessary to identify trends and develop action plans to promote a successful weight loss journey  
The following are acceptable ways to keep and submit a food and exercise diary:
  1. MyFitnessPal or other food diary application – After logging your intake in the food application, copy and paste your information into a Word document. You may send it in through your MyChart account or bring a printed hardcopy with you to each visit. 
  2. Online template – On the Deaconess Weight Loss Solutions’ homepage, a document has been created to use as a template. Click the “Exercise Diary” button in the middle of the page to download the document. You may send in your dairy entries using your MyChart account or bring a hardcopy to each visit. 
  3. Paper diary – If you choose to purchase your own diary such as a calorie counter or notebook, please be sure all of the necessary information is documented in your diary. Please refer to the online template in #2 for required information. If you choose a paper diary, the pages will need to be copied and brought to each visit. We will not provide copies at the office. It is your responsibility to do this prior to the visit.

Important: Diaries must be submitted through MyChart or bring a printed hardcopy to each visit. Failure to comply will delay your program and possible surgery. 

*Please see instructions for submitting diaries through MyChart In your New Patient binder.
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