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Meet Our Team

Our health care chaplains have earned a Master's Degree of Divinity and been ordained or endorsed by a religious group. They have also completed a residency program focused on ministering to those who are sick, injured or dying.
Chaplains at Deaconess are available 24 hours per day to help patients and families find comfort in times of uncertainty. They play a critical role in patient care by supporting emotional and spiritual needs regardless of a person’s faith tradition.
In addition to providing chaplaincy services, Deaconess offers a residency program for Clinical Pastoral Education; however, this program is on hold until we have hired a new ACPE certified educator.

Carolyn Edwards - Manager/Chaplain
Phil Crofford - Chaplain
Chuck Doughty - DSS Chaplain
Emily English - DSS Chaplain
John McMullen - Chaplain
Ben Roberts - Chaplain
Sammie Smith - Chaplain
Jacky Schroeder - Chaplain
Patrick Wallace - Chaplain
Amy Hartig - Administrative Assistant





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