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    Infant Photography

    Elizabeth W., PCA - OBED 06/18/2018

    Infant Photography
    When you are selecting a photographer to capture your sweet baby’s milestones, there are many things to look for. Everyone wants the best quality of pictures, but we also want someone who is gentle with our baby. Choosing the right person for this can be a challenge.

    As a parent, before you choose the lucky person that gets to photograph your precious newborn, you should look at their studio space, website and reviews from past clients. This will help give you a good idea of the quality of work they provide and also help you determine if their photography style is the one you are looking for. Take notice of how the photographer goes the extra mile to keep baby safe, secure, warm, and happy when photos are being taken. Happy babies make the best pictures.

    • Newborn photos are typically taken within the first 2 weeks after birth. During this time, babies are “moldable” and can be positioned in all those cute positions that you have seen a thousand times. Keep in mind that the photographer will only choose the safest positions for baby. If they do not feel comfortable posing the baby a certain way, they will avoid that position. You should keep this in mind and not pressure the photographer.
    • Photos are better when baby is sleeping soundly. To help with this, make sure baby has been fed before picture time. A full belly will help with that happy baby we talked about earlier!
    • Many photographers are beginning to offer “in home” lifestyle sessions with families. If your baby is born during flu season, this may be a good option for you as to not expose your brand new baby to germs. Also, natural interaction between you, your baby and your family can be some of the best pictures.

    As a mom and photographer, I know the importance of getting that “perfect shot.” This time in your baby’s life won’t happen again, so just be patient with the photographer as they take their time with your baby. They want to capture that sweet smile and cute little thigh roll as much as you want them to! Sometimes it takes 1000 shots to get the perfect one, but you are trusting this person will do a wonderful job at capturing your baby’s darling features and personality.

    Good luck on your photography session and congrats on your sweet baby!!

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