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    My Favorite Valentine Calls Me Grandma

    Cindy Futrell, RN, Maternal Care Advisor 02/05/2019
    There are so many ways to tell someone they’re going to be a grandparent. You can wrap up an ultrasound picture for your parents to open, give them a personalized t-shirt or do what my son did and surprise them at work and then expect them to carry on the rest of the day like normal!

    I am not going to lie, I was blindsided and completely caught off guard, but still vividly remember three feelings hitting me all at once when I found out I was going to be a grandparent. Surprised, flushed (hot flash, dizzy, I might pass out) and overwhelmed…but of course, a deep feeling of love that made me tear up.  The feeling was very similar to that instant love and connection I felt while looking at those two pink lines of my own pregnancy test about 25 years earlier. It’s a baby, no matter how small (we’re talking chia seed size), that will change my life forever.  Whether boy or girl, the same love you feel for your own child just overflows to this new little life that your child is about to bring into the world.

    There are so many things to think and dream about when you find out you are expecting a grandbaby! I wondered about how much has changed since I raised my children. There are new car seat regulations, safe sleep recommendations, breast milk and formula preparation rules, baby equipment safety and hospital policies. It is also important for grandparents to think about the relationship that we will have with our children and their families and understand the needs and expectations that they may have for us as grandparents. All of this information is discussed in the From Parent to Grandparent class offered by The Women’s Hospital and I highly recommend registering for this class at!

    In the meantime, I’ll just wait patiently to hold that sweet little bundle of joy in my arms without experiencing the morning sickness, heartburn, swollen ankles or sleepless nights.  That may sound selfish, but since I got to experience that myself when I was pregnant, I’ll let someone else take a turn.  Oh! And mommy and daddy…don’t forget to call grandma and grandpa when you need to take a nap because you’re going to be working the night shift for a while J
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