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Bone Health New Patient Appointments

Osteoporosis is the condition of having low bone mass which makes bones more fragile and likely to break. Bone loss not significant enough to be osteoporosis is considered osteopenia. Both conditions occur over time and are frequently discovered after suffering a bone break or fracture.

Our team helps patients diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia strengthen their bodies and decrease the chances of fracturing or breaking a bone.

If you have concerns about your bone health, follow the instructions below to schedule an appointment with Dr. Judith Canlas and Ortho Neuro Specialty Services. 

Appointment Guidelines
  • New patient appointments are available for patients age 18 or older
  • If this is an urgent medical issue, please call our office at 812-842-3990
  • If this is an emergency, please go to the nearest emergency room
  • If you have any previous films/images available, please provide those so they can be reviewed at your appointment
  • Some insurances may require a referral from your primary care provider. We will help with any necessary referrals once you schedule your appointment
  • If you are already a patient of Dr. Judith Canlas and need a follow up appointment, please log into MyChart to schedule
  • Please note - Dr. Canlas does not prescribe narcotic medication

Step 1:  Complete the Form Below

Have you ever fractured your wrist, spine or hip over the age of 50? :
Have you ever had a DEXA scan?:
Were you told you have a diagnosis of osteopenia or osteoporosis?:
Are you currently taking any medications to treat osteopenia/osteoporosis? :
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