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Labor and Delivery

The Women's Hospital understands that the birth of every baby brings the birth of a new family. Our family-centered care approach supports the family as they adjust to this life-changing event.

Whether you plan to labor or have a scheduled C-section, you will likely have many questions. The following information will guide you through the exciting time just before baby’s arrival. 

Laboring Patients

All women coming to The Women’s Hospital to deliver a baby should enter through the OB/GYN Emergency Entrance.

If you feel you are in labor, you will be assessed in the OB/GYN Emergency Department. Every woman’s situation is unique. Therefore, if our team determines that you are in labor or in need of ongoing care, you will be admitted to the hospital.

The LDRP concept of care means that the labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum stages of childbirth occur in the same room. You and your support person will remain in the same private room during your stay.

Inducing Labor

If you and your doctor have determined your labor needs to be induced, you will be taken to a room on the Labor/Delivery/Recovery/Postpartum (LDRP) unit to begin the induction process.  

The time frame for inducing labor varies with each patient. This can often take several hours. In fact, there are times your doctor may ask you to come to the hospital for overnight cervical ripening as the first step. Rest is very important at this time for both you and your support person.

Inductions aren't always successful. In this case, you and your physician will make the delivery decision that best suits your needs.

Cesarean Section (C-Section)

If you have a scheduled cesarean section, the registration staff will take you to our OB/GYN Emergency Department to prepare you for surgery. One support person may accompany you during this time.

Generally, one support person is allowed to be with you at the time of surgery and recovery. However, there are certain circumstances where this might not be possible i.e. an emergent situation or if general anesthesia is required. Once the C-section is complete, you, your support person and your baby will be allowed to recover together. After your recovery period, you will be moved to a hospital room for the remainder of your stay.
Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) for C-Section Deliveries - English

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) for C-Section Deliveries - Spanish

Pain Management 
The birth of your baby is a very personal experience. No two labors are alike, even for the same mother. Each experience may include an assortment of emotions and varying levels of pain.

At The Women’s Hospital, we offer a variety of pain management options including anesthesia and natural comfort measures. Our anesthesiologists are specialized physicians with years of experience providing anesthesia care for obstetrical patients. They are in-house and ready to assist you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. 

Non-pharmacologic pain management techniques (ability to use these techniques varies based on individual patient situation) include:
  • positioning
  • birthing ball
  • rocking chair
  • walking
  • shower
  • breathing techniques
  • massage, in particular tennis ball to lower back
For more information regarding pain control during your stay, we recommend taking our prenatal classes.
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