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Meet Our Team

Our lactation consultants are registered nurses that are international board certified lactation consultant , certified lactation counselors and certified lactation specialists. All nurses and clinical staff at The Women’s Hospital receive 20 hours of breastfeeding education so they are prepared to assist new moms. Together, our lactation experts and nursing team educate and support moms who wish to breastfeed.

Jessica Albright - Deaconess Women's HospitalJessica A. - RN, IBCLC
Alison Beal-Edwards - Deaconess Women's HospitalAlison B. - RN, IBCLC
Rebecca Belford - Deaconess Women's HospitalRebecca B. - RN, IBCLC
Lisa Bell - Deaconess Women's HospitalLisa B. - RN, IBCLC
Brandy Bryant - Deaconess Women's HospitalBrandy B. - RN, CLS
Keri Folz - Deaconess Women's HospitalKeri F. - RN, IBCLC
Leann Fuelling - Deaconess Women's HospitalLeann F. - RN, IBCLC
Laurie Hartmann - Deaconess Women's HospitalLaurie H. - RN, IBCLC
Andrea Klotz - Deaconess Women's HospitalAndrea K. - RN, IBCLC
Barbara Lodato - Deaconess Women's HospitalBarbara L. - RN, IBCLC
LaRissa Madison - Deaconess Women's HospitalLaRissa M. - RN, IBCLC
Gretchen Moody - Deaconess Women's HospitalGretchen M. - RN, IBCLC
Kristie Porter-Lakes - Deaconess Women's HospitalKristie P. - RN, IBCLC
Mary Roby - Deaconess Women's HospitalMary R. - RN, IBCLC
Cheryl Steenberg - Deaconess Women's HospitalCheryl S. - RN, IBCLC
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