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HeartSaver AED

HeartSaver is a partnership of The Heart Hospital at Deaconess Gateway and Deaconess Foundation. The group is committed to the mission of reducing sudden death through placement of life-saving automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in the Tri-State. 
The Need
Sudden cardiac death strikes without warning and chooses its victims at random, without regard to age, gender, health status or history. When AEDs are available, it gives an individual another chance at live.  These devices save lives and anyone can use them. There is no special skill required. 

HeartSaver works to raise funds and place AEDs. Working with area first responders,  churches, schools and other community organizations and individuals, HeartSaver will facilitate the fund raising, purchase, education and placement of AEDs throughout the Tri-State. 

We know AEDs save lives. We can also be confident that the AEDs placed through this program will save a life. That life could be someone you know. It could be someone you love. It could even be your own life. 

HeartSaver at Work

Through the support of community individuals, businesses, and grants, HeartSaver has already placed 448 AEDs in the Tri-State.  To date, 10 documented saves have taken place because of access to these lifesaving devices. It's not a matter of if AEDs will be used. It is a matter of when. 

Become a HeartSaver
AEDs can only be placed through the support of the community. Your gifts help save lives. Donations in any amount are appreciated. Donors who fund an entire AED ($1,350) may select where they'd like the AED placed. All donations are tax deductible. Click to give now by designating your gift to HeartSaver.
Request an AED
HeartSaver has a lengthy wait list to place AEDs. Priority is given to first responders who serve entire community populations. To inquire about receiving a HeartSaver AED please email or call 812.450.3359. 
AED Training 
AED training is free and scheduled when HeartSaver AEDs are presented. Watch the video below for a quick refresher! If you have questions regarding training, please contact us. 

HeartSaver Presentation (2-22-18)


How to use an AED


HeartSaver Committee:
Kirsten Wagmeister - Chairperson
Susan Brumley, Penny Goshert, Pam Hight, Becky Malotte, Mark Moore, Lu Porter, Martha Seal, Jessica Welcher  and Erin Wildeman.

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