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Patient Services

Glucose Tolerance Testing

  • Deaconess Regional Laboratory offers timed testing at various locations.  To schedule your glucose tolerance testing contact us at 812-450-4LAB.  Our call center staff will assist in scheduling at a location and time convenient to your needs
  • Some physicians require patients to fast prior to their blood work.   If your physician has requested you to fast you will not eat or drink anything (except water) 8-12 hours prior to lab testing.
Accessing Test Results
  • To view your test results please sign up for MyChart. 
Laboratory locations/hours Laboratory Appointments
  • Appointments are only required for timed testing (glucose tolerance, ACTH stimulation, lactose tolerance).  No appointment is necessary for routine testing. 

Understanding Your Tests

Your doctor will consider your age, gender, and race as well as what you eat and drink and what medicines you take. It is important to follow pre-test instructions and to talk with your doctor about your results.

Laboratory tests may be done for many reasons

  • Routine health screenings
  • If a disease or toxicity is suspected
  • To determine if a medical condition is improving or worsening
  • To measure the success or failure of a medication
  • Be ordered for professional or legal reasons

Due to changes in the way your body naturally functions through the course of a day, lab tests may need to be performed at a certain time of day. If you have prepared for a test by changing your food or fluid intake, lab tests may be timed in accordance with those changes. Timing of tests may be based on increased and decreased levels of medications, drugs or other substances in the body.

Laboratory Expectations

  • You will need to verify your insurance at each visit by making a photocopy of your insurance cards. 
  • We will ask you for a lab order which should include a diagnosis (ICD-10 code) and should be signed by the ordering physician. Please be aware that we cannot perform ANY lab tests without a signed doctor's order. Occasionally, your doctor may call or fax a lab order and these are kept in our files until you arrive.
  • For certain tests, we may ask if you have been fasting. Please verify with your doctor if fasting is required before having the test done.
  • If fasting is not required, you may wish to come to the lab after 9 a.m. as earlier may lead to longer wait times.
  • Medicare patients may be asked to sign a waiver accepting financial responsibility if the diagnosis provided does not cover the tests being ordered.

We strive to provide courteous service and always take patients in the order they arrive. Occasionally, a patient may be having a timed test, which may require that we move them in front of another customer.

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