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The WellFund

The WellFund provides advocacy services at no cost to the patient.

The WellFund understands that finding affordable healthcare coverage can be challenging, but our network continues to find ways to always put the patient first. The WellFund advocates are available
onsite at our hospitals and via telephone to assist patients in determining the most comprehensive and cost-effective plan to meet the needs of individuals seeking high quality health care.  The WellFund exists to help patients navigate the confusing world of State and Federally funded health care coverage options, including initial enrollment and ongoing maintenance of coverage.

The WellFund will help patients qualify and provide information for State/Federally Funded Programs
such as: 
  • Hoosier Health Wise
  • Healthily Indiana Plan (HIP)
  • Medicare Savings Program
  • (QMB, SLMB, QI)
  • Extra Help/LIS for Prescription Drugs
  • ACA Open Enrollment/ Subsidies
  • ACA Year-round Exception
  • Enrollment
  • Hospital Presumptive Eligibility (HPE)
  • Social Security Benefits
  • Disability
Patients can contact The WellFund at any time of the year, and at any stage of their lives for help with
healthcare coverage enrollment.  The WellFund Advocates are located near patient registration.  The WellFund Advocates can also be reached by phone Monday-Friday at 855-365-9300, from 8am-5pm or at 

Additional information can also be found in The WellFund brochure
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