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ATV Safety

ATVs are popular among both youth and adults for recreation and utility use. ATVs can be fun. But they can also be dangerous. Understanding the rules around ATV safety is important before you ride.
Play for Kate Logo
Deaconess is proud to partner with “Play for Kate”, the foundation established to honor Kate Bruggenschmidt, an 11-year old girl who died on July 26, 2015 in an ATV crash. One of the missions of “Play for Kate” is to promote ATV safety so that no other child loses their life in an ATV crash. Visit
Golden rules for ATV Safety:
  1. At a minimum, always wear a helmet. Even better, wear goggles, long sleeves, long pants, over-the-ankle boots, and gloves.
  2. Never ride on paved roads except to cross when done safely and permitted by law - another vehicle could hit you. ATVs are designed to be operated off-highway.
  3. Never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  4. Never carry a passenger on a single-rider ATV, and no more than one passenger on an ATV specifically designed for two people.
  5. Ride an ATV that's right for your age and size.
  6. Supervise riders younger than 16; ATVs are not toys.
  7. Ride only on designated trails and at a safe speed.
  8. Be familiar with the machine before riding it.
Don’t become a statistic! Practice safety habits!
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