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Wise Choice at the Fall Festival


Healthier options are now easier for you to find, thanks to the 11 booths participating in the Wise Choice program. There are 23 Wise Choice items that are lower in calories, sodium, and saturated fat. These booths/items are featured in the special 2023 Wise Choice Munchie Menu below.

Stuffed Pepper Soup
#8 - Eagle's View Church
346 calories
0.1g fat
436mg sodium
27g carbs
Sticky Rice (Mango or Pina Colada)
#13- Unitarian Universalist Church of Evansville
363 calories
7.5g fat
72mg sodium
72g carbs
Streen Corn (Elote)
#38 - USI Art Club
191 calories
7.4g fat
369mg sodium
26.4g carbs
Sugar Free Blueberry Bundt Cake
#85 - Christ Gospel Church
92 calories
7.5g fat
_mg sodium
62mg carbs
Sugar Free Apple Dumplings
#85 - Christ Gospel Church
353 calories
4.77g fat
389mg sodium
22g carbs
Sugar Free Banana Nut Bread
#85 - Christ Gospel Church
63 calories
.66g fat
110mg sodium
9.4g carbs
Sugar Free Pumpkin Bread
#85 - Christ Gospel Church
98 calories
.535g fat
156mg sodium
14g carbs
Sugar Free Apple Pie
#85 - Christ Gospel Church
206 calories
3.3g fat
133mg sodium
39g carbs
Banana Nut Bread
#85 - Christ Gospel Church
101 calories
.69g fat
103mg sodium
18g carbs
Pumpkin Bread
#85 - Christ Gospel Church
156 calories
.535g fat
156mg sodium
13g carbs
Zucchini Bread
#85 - Christ Gospel Church
139 calories
.56g fat
96mg sodium
24g carbs
Sugar Free Apple Butter
(1 tbls)
#85 - Christ Gospel Church
15 calories
0g fat
0mg sodium
4g carbs
Meatballs with Marinara
#97 - Greater EVV Figure Skating Club
338 calories
3.5g fat
450mg sodium
11.3g carbs
Carrots and Celery (with ranch dressing)
#97 - Greater EVV Figure Skating Club
198 calories
2g fat
328mg sodium
8g carbs
Elote (Mexican Street Corn) 1/2 Ear
#98 - Marian Outreach Academy and All Saints Parish
191 calories
3.5g fat
171mg sodium
21.4g carbs
Pork & Pineapple Street Taco (Al Pastor Taco)
#98 - Marian Outreach Academy and All Saints Parish
229 calories
2.5g fat
414mg sodium
17.8g carbs
Chicken Street Taco (Pollo Taco)
#98 - Marian Outreach Academy and All Saints Parish
167 calories
0.1g fat
236 mg sodium
14.1g carbs
Sour Grapes
#100 - St. Peter's UCC (Highland)
26 calories
.1 fat
11 sodium
4.1 carbs
Fruit Haystacks
#104 - Alpha Sigma Alpha
210 calories
2g fat
32mg sodium
Cajun Black Bean Burger (no bun)
#108 - It Takes A Village Rescue
110 calories
4 fat
330 sodium
13 carbs
Popeye Salad Wrap
#126 - Building Blocks
334 calories
7 fat
466 sodium
4 carbs
Lemon Shake Up (with Stevia)
#126 - Building Blocks
7 calories
0 fat
18 sodium
21 carbs
Jungle Fruit Salsa
#134 - Tekoppel Tiger Den
81 calories
.2g fat
2mg sodium
20g carbs
Click here for a printable PDF of the menu

Why Wise Choice?

Deaconess and the West Side Nut Club have teamed up to recognize lower calorie, lower fat and lower sodium Wise Choices at the Fall Festival. 

The Wise Choice program features 11 booths, offering 23 food and drink items that are healthier options for people who want or need them.  

Because of the Wise Choice program, individuals who may have health issues (such as diabetes or heart disease), or who simply want some healthier choices will be able to find those options more easily.

All recipes were analyzed by a team of Deaconess dietitians and certified to meet the following Wise Choice criteria:  

Snacks and Sides

  • Calories: 500 or less    

  • Saturated fat: 5 grams or less

  • Sodium: 500 mg or less

  • No fried foods


  • Calories: 500 or less

  • Saturated fat: 5 grams or less

  • Sodium: 750 mg or less

  • No fried foods

Also, all desserts and sweets must be made with fruit and also meet the other criteria.

Many items previously offered at the Fall Festival already met our Wise Choice criteria.  Some are brand new “culinary creations,” and others are alternate versions of existing recipes (such as offering a sugar-free option). 


Think About

  • Enjoy your Fall Festival favorites in moderation. Perhaps split an item or two with a friend or family member. That way you get to sample a variety!  

  • The length of the Fall Festival - from St. Joe Avenue to Wabash Avenue - is a third of a mile.Walking the length of the Fall Festival and back, a 150 pound adult would burn 50 calories 
  • Save calories and hydrate yourself by drinking bottled water instead of sodas. Many booths sell bottled water, so it's a great way to support a variety of organizations. 

Thank You

We thank the booths who worked with us to bring these healthier options to you at the Fall Festival!
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