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Orthopedic Robotic Surgery

Experience Meets Innovation
The region’s most experienced orthopedic surgical team, now with the most innovative robotic tools for knee replacement surgery.
The ROSA® Knee System is a robotic surgical assistant designed to help surgeons create the most optimized and personalized knee replacement surgery for each individual patient.

The ROSA Knee System’s robotic intelligence supports surgeons in performing personalized total knee arthroplasty (TKA) with features based on each patient’s bone, soft tissue and joint motion/rotation. During surgery, this real-time guidance helps doctors most precisely place the knee joint implant, while the robot adapts to each surgeon’s individual technique.
Flexible imaging modalities, including x-ray based imaging, helps reduce costs for patients and limits instrumentation in the OR; the technology also helps to facilitate custom implants based on a patient’s unique anatomy.

If you're considering knee replacement surgery, contact Orthopaedic Associates to find out if you are a candidate for the ROSA Knee System. 
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