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Inpatient Services

Inpatient treatment is appropriate for people experiencing severe mental health symptoms, thoughts of or attempts to harm themselves or others, and those needing medical detox services.

To be admitted at Deaconess Cross Pointe, patients must have an evaluation with a CARE Team member and meet inpatient admission criteria. Call the Deaconess Cross Pointe CARE Team at 812-476-7200 or toll free at 800-947-6789 to schedule an evaluation.

Inpatient Hospitalization
Patients who are hospitalized at Deaconess Cross Pointe need immediate intervention for their safety and the safety of others. This may be the patient’s first experience with a mental illness or it may be a repeat or worsening experience of a known mental illness such as:
  • Depression
  • Bipolar Disorders
  • Eating Disorders
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Schizophrenia and Related Conditions
  • Psychotic Disorders
  • Women’s Mental Health Issues (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, postpartum depression, etc.)
Acute Adult Inpatient Unit 
The focus for patients on the acute adult inpatient unit is crisis stabilization and discharge planning. Our Cross Pointe staff members work together to complete specific evaluations of underlying medical, psychological, social and family issues. The team develops a plan of care to stabilize the symptoms that led to hospitalization and creates a path to partial hospitalization, outpatient programs, or discharge for the patient. The length of stay on our adult inpatient units varies based on each patient's need.

Youth Inpatient Unit
Our inpatient program for youth ages 10 – 17 provides the support and treatment necessary to relieve severe symptoms, eliminate suicidal/homicidal thoughts, or prepare for addiction recovery. The treatment team emphasizes positive self-esteem, individual responsibility, problem solving skills, and coping skills throughout all areas of programming. Details on youth services at Cross Pointe.

Medical Detoxification – Adults Only
The beginning of chemical dependency treatment may include a detoxification period in our inpatient unit. Around-the-clock nursing care and certain medications can reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms, as well as decrease the medical dangers of this initial period. While the focus of detox is medical safety, we include an introduction to rehabilitation and the 12-step recovery model during the patient’s stay with us.
Co-Occurring Disorders – Adults Only
Some patients have an acute mental health condition and a chemical dependency issue. Deaconess Cross Pointe experts work with these patients to stabilize mental illness symptoms, safely detox them and prepare them for addiction treatment.
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