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Sustainability - Green Initiatives

Deaconess Sustainability Vision
To improve the health of our community by engaging our employees and medical staff to explore and implement best practices for recycling, reduced energy and water consumption, proper waste disposal and more.  Ultimately to enhance the livability of those in our community by providing an opportunity for all to make a difference in green initiatives /sustainability and reduce costs for the hospital.  

Employees have opportunities to participate in community litter clean up events, recycling, tree planting/green space enhancement and other activities while also having a voice to share ideas and suggestion for green improvements within their department and the hospital.  
Energy Conservation
Here are some highlights of energy conservation efforts across our facilities:
  • Replacement of water-cooled HVAC equipment with air cooled to cut water running down our drains (reducing water/sewer bills)
  • LED lighting technology installation is ongoing across interiors of our hospitals to save on electricity bills
  • Parking lot lighting at our hospitals has been converted to LED lighting as well (saving $$ and increasing light for safety measures & crime deterrent also)
  • Building exterior signage converted to LED technology to save electricity
  • Boiler burner & controls replacement to save on natural gas
  • Chiller & chilled water loop optimizations through controls and programming to conserve water & save electricity
  • Selected areas of building to implement temperature set-backs when space is not in use
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) installed on large horsepower motors to save electricity
  • Cooling Tower upgrades to save water & electricity
  • Occupancy sensors in large mechanical & electrical rooms as well as selected conference rooms to save electricity
  • Data Center server room virtualization to save electricity
  • Building Automation Controls upgrades
Green Space Clean Team Events
  • Park and neighborhood clean-up events with the city
  • Ohio River Sweep with ORSANCO
  • Planting projects with Nature Playscape Park at Children’s Enrichment Center
Earth Day
  • Annual tree planting and give-away
Coffee Ground Composting
  • Estimated 2,500 lbs per year for Deaconess gardeners
Safe Medication Disposal 
  • Deaconess Family Pharmacy provides a Consumer Drug Take Back program of medications - Estimated 300 lbs of medication from both campuses to avoid water stream and landfills
Community Education
Various speakers on sustainability topics along with other local and regional links to include:
  • Evansville Solid Waste Management
  • Walk Bike Evansville
  • Keep Evansville Beautiful
  • Southwest Indiana Master Gardeners
  • Evansville Climate Action Plan
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