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    Healthy Eating and Living Program: Aimee's Story

    Like many, Aimee has struggled with her weight her whole life, making progress with weight loss at times, only to see the pounds come back again and again.

    In February of 2021, the situation reached a crisis point for Aimee as her weight reached 307 pounds — her highest ever. Friends recommended gastric bypass surgery, and she contacted Deaconess Weight Loss Solutions.

    However, with help from the experts at Deaconess — including Exercise Specialists, Registered Dieticians and Psychologists, Aimee found that she was losing so much weight during the pre-surgical program that she no longer needed to consider surgery. 

    Now, she’s dedicated to the non-surgical Healthy Eating and Living Program (HELP) developed by Deaconess Weight Loss Solutions and says she plans to stay in the program forever.

    “It’s like a bedrock resource where they’re there for you anytime, no matter what you need,” Aimee said.

    See the rest of her story below, and read more about the HELP weight loss program.

    If you’re not a candidate for surgery and/or are looking for effective long-term weight loss without a procedure, consider the HELP weight loss program.

    The program includes:
    • Frequent clinic visits
    • Nutrition counseling
    • Exercise and fitness instruction
    • Support groups and education
    • Optional: Personal training sessions with a certified trainer through Wellness Solutions
    Are you a good candidate for HELP?
    • You are considered overweight.  This means you have a BMI, or Body Mass Index, of at least 27 or greater.
    • You are 21 and older.
    • You are committed to making the changes necessary for long-term success. HELP is only the beginning of the weight loss journey. To lose weight and keep it off, you will have to commit to making healthy choices and long term behavior changes.
    For more information, including a free online informational seminar, visit

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