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    Healthy Golf Facts

    • Warm up and stretch before playing, paying particular attention to your back, shoulders and arms. Include gentle movement and mobility exercises followed by gentle air swings or ball hits using short irons.
    • The total caloric expenditure for an 18-hole round is approximately 2,000 calories for walking while carrying clubs and 1,300 calories when riding in a cart.
    • When walking 18 holes of golf, blood glucose levels fall by up to 20% for the young, 10% for the middle-aged, and 30% for elderly players, and body weight is slightly reduced for all groups.
    • Golf is good exercise for your vision and hand-eye coordination; plus, many people find a round of golf a good stress reliever. Being out in the fresh air can reduce stress and boost spirits, with the added benefit of boosting your vitamin D levels.
    • Regardless of handicap, sex or course played, golfers exceed 10,000 steps during a typical round of golf, which meets the guidelines for exercise recommended by most medical and clinical physicians.
    • Pulling or carrying golf clubs improves strength and fitness and also burns calories. It helps tone arm, back and shoulder muscles.
    • Sun exposure can assist with adequate Vitamin D levels, which can help reduce your risk of a heart attack.
    • Playing a round of golf releases endorphins; these are all-natural, powerful, mood-enhancing “drugs” within our brains. Golfing helps you relax and reduces stress, which can affect health dramatically.
    • Playing golf stimulates blood circulation in your brain. This helps to improve nerve cell connections and may actually delay the onset of dementia.
    • A Swedish study in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports concluded that golf may increase life expectancy. According to the publication, there was a 40% decrease in mortality rates for those who play golf regularly. That’s a five-year increase in life expectancy.
    • It's during sleep when our bodies heal most. Therefore, any activity that causes us to sleep well, naturally, is good for our health. Between walking the course, carrying your bag, prepping and swinging, you'll get enough of a physical workout to fall asleep fast and stay asleep all night long.
    • Remember that any form of physical exercise helps get your adrenaline going. This, in turn, gets blood pumping to your heart, strengthening it naturally. Exercising for just 30 minutes each day can help you lower your blood pressure by up to five to seven points. Workouts also help you to improve your cholesterol, lose weight and lower the risk of getting heart disease.
    • Golf is a low-risk injury sport for any age.


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