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    Easy Ways to Cut Calories

    Terry Gehlhausen, DO Deaconess Clinic Family Medicine 01/23/2015

    Most of us picked up a little extra fat around the middle over the holidays. Here are a few simple ways to eliminate those pounds:

    • Eat off a smaller plate. People that ate from a 9 inch plate, ate 22% less food than those that used a 12 inch plate. You will not notice the difference.
    • Serve your food with a tablespoon rather than a large serving spoon.
    • Keep the main dish on the stove rather than putting it on the table.
    • Store all snacks in small single-serving food storage bags rather than eating them from the larger bag.
    • Eat a piece of fruit and a vegetable first at lunch and supper, then eat the entrée.
    • Drink one large glass of water before each meal.
    • Only eat desserts on the weekend.
    • Weigh yourself weekly and write down the results.
    • Eat three meals a day and no snacks.
    • Always eat breakfast and try to incorporate some protein like eggs, beans, or a meat.
    • Eat slower. It takes twenty minutes for your stomach to tell your brain it is full.
    • Try to exercise at least 30 minutes a day – it will make you feel better, sleep better and makes you not want to eat unhealthy foods.
    • Eat protein. It fills you up and stays with you longer so you do not get hungry as quickly.
    • If you feel the urge to snack, grab some fresh vegetables for a quick snack.  Low fat cheese or a few nuts also work well.
    • Relax at mealtime. Put on soft jazz or classical music instead of the TV.  Try to have conversations.
    • Write your goal weight and your plan on how to get there on paper and post it prominently.
    • Most importantly:  Stop drinking ALL soft drinks. Just drink flavored water, or water with lemon or lime juice.
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