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    Avoiding Weight Gain This Holiday Season

    Deaconess Weight Loss Solutions 12/14/2020
    The holidays are upon us. This year has been very different for all of us with the pandemic descending upon us. So a few tips to enjoy the holiday meals without guilt and without weight gain are listed below.

    Be Realistic:

    To help set yourself up for success - set a goal for weight maintenance instead of weight loss. If you do lose weight during the holiday, it is just an added benefit. 

    Plan Ahead:
    • Try not to be hungry when it is time for the holiday meal.  
    • Eat a light but filling snack prior to having your holiday meal. (Example: a low fat cheese stick, raw vegetables, or a piece of fruit)
    • Don’t skip meals.
    • Plan what you are going to eat prior to the meal.
    • Plan what to do with leftovers prior to the holiday.  
     Avoid Overeating:
    • Sit away from the food table-- if possible.
    • If sitting at the table that contains all your favorite holiday food, put those that are trigger foods for you as farther down the table.
    • Pay more attention to the company and not as much to the food.
    • Eat foods special to the occasion. Avoid foods that you can have anytime of the year.
    • Pay attention to the portion of the special foods and savor each bite.
    • Wait about 10-15 minutes prior to having seconds. (You will find that the hunger may have passed or has been greatly reduced)
    • Wait for a couple of hours after eating the meal for the dessert. At the snack, have a small piece of your favorite dessert.
     Avoid Calories in Beverages:
    • Drink sugar free, calories free beverages.
    • Drink calorie-free sparkling water, or water with a lime or lemon or a splash of juice.  For a touch of piazza, try adding a slice of lemon, lime or orange to the side of the cup or a mint leaf on top of the drink.
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