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    Health Benefits of Giving


    Health Benefits of Giving
    We all know that it’s “good” to give. Giving to charitable causes helps these organizations to continue functioning, providing services, and helping the community. But did you know that giving is actually good for your physical and mental health?

    People usually say that giving “feels good,” but researchers have found that science supports this. Giving, whether giving your time or financial resources, leads to lower blood pressure, increased self-esteem, less depression, lower stress levels, greater reported happiness, and even longer life expectancy than individuals who do not give.1 Giving has biological effects and releases chemicals in the brain like oxytocin (bonding), serotonin (calming), and dopamine (good feeling). Researchers even studied MRIs of individuals who gave to charities. Their brain pathways were more stimulated than subjects who did not give.

    There are many ways to give and volunteering you time is one of them. Volunteering is a great way to not only improve your health but also meet new people. Volunteers at Deaconess Hospital and Deaconess Gateway Hospital provide a tremendous support to patients and staff. From greeting to escorting guests to driving the courtesy shuttle, these volunteers make an active difference in the experience of our patients. Irma, a long-time Deaconess Volunteer said, “I volunteer to meet people and brighten the patient’s day…they are all very thankful, so that makes it all worth-while.”

    To learn more about Deaconess Volunteer Services visit

    Another way to give is by making a financial gift to Deaconess Foundation. Every year hundreds of thousands of dollars are used to provide health screenings to those who cannot afford them, advance the training of staff, upgrade medical technology, and touch the lives and patients and their families every day. Curious why you should give? Visit Ways To Give.

    If you are interested in learning more about giving, contact Deaconess Foundation.



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