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    Holidays and Stress

    Deaconess Cross Pointe 12/03/2015
    Holidays are supposed to be a great fun time filled with comfort & joy...holly jolly feel good time.  Those dealing with depression or anxiety may not experience it that way.  The holidays can bring on more difficulty for already stressed out people with the expectation to do more and more things when already feeling bad.

    Common Sources of Stress During the Holidays:
    • Family Relationships – tension/grief
    • Finances – economic problems/straining your budget/credit cards
    • Physical Demands – excessive social events, shopping increases fatigue & stress
    • Increased Depression

    What Can You Do About it?
    • Acknowledge your feelings – grief/stress
    • Reach out to people who care; do not isolate
    • Stick to a budget – avoid overspending
    • Plan ahead – organize & set realistic arrangements with friends and family
    • Learn to say NO.
    • Continue Healthy Habits like good nutrition and exercise.
    • Take a Break when you need to.  Rest and relaxation will reset your body
    • Seek Professional Help When Needed

     Reset for a Simple Christmas
    • Assess what things are working from year to year.
    • Recreate traditions from your family of origin or update them to fit your family today
    • Perform an act of service to others
    • Set limits on spending
    • Set a manageable schedule
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