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Meet Our Team

Our team consists of physicians, advanced practice nurses, registered nurses, a genetics counselor, registered dietitians, ultrasonographers and clinical office assistants.


Spencer Kuper - DeaconessSpencer Kuper, MD 
Maternal Fetal Medicine

Advanced Practice Nurses

Marcella Scott - DeaconessMarcella Scott, WHNP-BC
Advanced Practice Nurse
Julie Winsett, NP - DeaconessJulie Winsett, FNP
Advanced Practice Nurse
Katherine Thomas, CNS - DeaconessKatherine Thomas, WHNP-BC
Advanced Practice Nurse
Summer Watt, RNC-OB, FNP - DeaconessSummer Watt, FNP
Advanced Practice Nurse
Kassie Hurst, RN, WHNP - BC DeaconessKassie Hurst, WHNP-BC            Advanced Practice Nurse             
Kassie Hurst, RN, WHNP - BC DeaconessJessica Ranes, FNP-C            Advanced Practice Nurse             

Genetic Counselors

Caitlyn Ricks, MS 
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