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    10 Baby Necessities: What Are They?


    You are in Babies R Us. Your husband has the scanner gun because, let’s be honest, the only way you could get him to join you was by promising he could play with the scanner gun. The haunting memory of registering for your wedding gifts 9 months prior is coming back. You are overwhelmed.You have never had a baby before! How are you supposed to know what you need?!

    Do not stress yourself into pre-term labor! Let me help you out here. As a seasoned mom of two girls (3 years old and 18 months old), I can be of some guidance and tell you what is absolutely needed and what is not.
    Disclaimer: this is by my opinion only! Please make sure your grandma, mom, sister, auntie, cousin, best friend, and pastor’s wife know so they are not offended if their suggestions differ from mine!

    • DIAPERS! My number one advice to you is stock up! The less you have to buy, the better. Ask your husband’s buddies to throw a guy’s only “diaper party” for him. This gives dad and his friends a good reason to get together, have a few drinks, and start a nice stash of diapers for that sweet bundle of baby love.
    • A Travel System Stroller. These handy systems come with the stroller, car seat, and 1 car seat base for your car. You will use all three pieces nearly every day. Remember: Dad needs a base in his car too. Register for an extra one!
    • High Chair. It may be crazy to think about, but soon that bun in your oven will be sitting up and eating food in just a few short months! *Que tissue or husband’s sleeve here. It’s ok mama. It is exciting!
    • Crib & Mattress. If you are lucky, great grandma may have saved your grandma’s crib that your mom used that your sister used for your nephew! (Kidding). Used is always good too. Just make sure it is in great shape if you decide to go that route.
    • Rocking Chair for the Nursery. You will be spending A LOT of time in that thing. Make sure it is comfortable!
    • Fitted Crib Sheets. Obviously. Remember: Safe sleep! No loose sheets or blankets allowed!
    • Humidifier. These are great to run in the nursery year round, as babies skin can dry out easily. Run it especially in the winter months.
    • Baby Monitor. Some people like the video monitors, others like just the old school walky-talky type. Both are great!
    • A Bassinet or Rock-and-Play. You will have a new roommate for about 2-4 months. Kiss romance out the window! (Kidding, again… well, kind of). It is VERY useful to have something like this at your bedside before you move baby into their room. Again, safe sleep! Never put baby in bed with you.
    • First-Aid/Grooming Essentials. For a shower gift, my aunt put together the PERFECT preparation kit: teething tablets, Tylenol, gas drops, nail clippers, thermometer, and a few other essentials. At 2:00am on a Monday, that came in quite handy let me tell you.

    Well there you have it mom! A great start to your registry. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am for you to begin the journey that is motherhood. You will laugh, cry, pass out from exhaustion, and likely lose your cool on your husband one time or another. Regardless, remember one thing: that baby will love you no matter what, even if you buy store brand diapers over Pampers (I promise. They work the same!)

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