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    Tri-State Perinatology: Addressing High-Risk Pregnancies

    C. Brennan Fitzpatrick CMO, MD, MBA, FACOG 04/20/2023
    Addressing High-Risk Pregnancies at Tri-State Perinatology
    Every expecting mother wishes for a pregnancy void of complications. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible. Maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) is a much-needed specialty.

    This article will expand more about MFM, additional services Tri-State Perinatology offers, and why the future is bright for MFM.

    What Does MFM Entail?
    A maternal-fetal medicine specialist specializes in high-risk obstetrics. Typically, areas of focus fit into three categories:
    • Prenatal—evaluating fetuses via ultrasound who may have abnormalities
    • Mother-focused—assessing women who have underlying medical disorders (diabetes, chronic hypertension, autoimmune disorders)
    • Obstetric—mitigating complications that develop during pregnancy, such as preeclampsia, pre-term labor, premature rupture of membranes
    The MFM program tremendously throughout the Deaconess Health System. Unlike a “standard” program, Tri-State Perinatology offers additional services such as genetic counseling, a diabetes program, transport services, and the perinatal safety committee which is focused on issues of substance use and mental health.
    The goal was to identify resources within the community that could theoretically pull together and improve care for patients who are struggling with those specific issues.
    Tri-State Perinatology’s leadership also provides education programs for healthcare facilities in the region, including simulation technology. 

    Looking Towards the Future
    Tri-State Perinatology is celebrating its 15-year anniversary in 2023. All the credit, dedication, collaboration, and communication goes to our providers and patients.

    Tri-State Perinatology is excited to see what the future will bring. As long as we put patient care first, Tri-State Perinatology will continue to be successful.
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