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    Sign Me Up!

    Sign Me Up! 

    I have been warned. I have been advised. None of that truly prepared me for the “busy mom” life. My girls are ages 5 and 7. We have tried a few different activities when my firstborn turned 5. We have attempted soccer and t-ball. Big mistake. My girls have the attention span of a fly. Soccer and t-ball were not enough to keep them out of the dirt and grass or dancing in the middle of a play.

    Everything changed when the girls discovered cheerleading, tumble, and swimming. My girls are enrolled in two hours of cheer and tumble one night a week and swimming two nights a week. Yes, you may think that is too much for little girls, but let me give some insight. IT WEARS THEM OUT! They are TIRED after these activities! *Que the singing angels of heaven*.

    Something else to keep in mind. If you can share the drop-offs and pick-ups with your spouse, a grandparent, or friend, it is an even better deal because this means YOU get a break and alone time. Yes! YOU mama, a BREAK! Say what?! One night a week, I dedicate two hours to my daughters to enjoy their favorite sport: cheerleading. What about swimming, you ask? Swimming is two nights a week for an hour each. My husband handles swim. That means 2 whole nights a week, I get to be ALONE! I get to go for a run without feeling rushed. I get to make dinner without little hands wanting to “help”.

    Friends, extracurricular activities are so good for your children. It teaches time management, teamwork, responsibility, and discipline. One day, when they are all grown up and leave the nest, we will miss these precious days of running them around from sun up to sundown. Honestly, it is good for us too! We get to experience these activities with them. Watch them learn a new skill and grow into a well-rounded person. My advice to you is: SIGN THEM UP!
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