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Pediatric Weight Management

Childhood obesity continues to rise throughout the U.S. and is even more prevalent in Indiana. Are you or your child concerned about their weight? Being overweight can be tough as an adult, and it can be even more difficult on children and teens. In addition to self-esteem and emotional issues, excess body weight can lead to a range of serious health concerns, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, anxiety, and depression.

To help combat these issues, Deaconess Weight Loss Solutions now offers a non-surgical pediatric weight management program for children and teens aged 12—17.
About our Program
Independent weight loss efforts often fail due to a lack of the right support system or weight loss plan. Our program provides a family-centered approach where patients and family members work closely with our compassionate team of professionals for medical weight loss. Our goal is to provide families with the guidance and resources needed to learn healthy habits that build a sustainable, balanced lifestyle to promote long-term weight loss.

Every child’s journey toward a healthier future is uniquely their own. Our team will provide sensitive care and support to create a customized, multidisciplinary weight loss plan for every patient. We’re committed to providing resources specially designed for your child’s needs.

Is your child a good candidate?
Pediatric patients who qualify for our weight management program include children and teens ages 12—17, who:
  • Have a BMI, or Body Mass Index, of 35 or greater
  • Are 120% of the 95th percentile for BMI
What to Expect
Following an initial consultation, your child and our provider will set a goal weight and choose a customized weight loss plan to meet your child’s needs. Your child will also be given additional information about healthy eating from our dietitians and speak to a exercise specialist about recommended physical activity levels.

Your child’s first follow-up visit will occur one month after their initial exam. With each appointment, our team will continue to monitor their progress and additional visits will be scheduled as needed.

After completion of the new patient paperwork, our team will complete a thorough verification of benefits to determine if your insurance will cover our services provided. We accept all major insurance plans.

How to get started in our Pediatric Weight Management Program:
  • Complete the New Patient Information Packet (below). We can also send you this paperwork through your active MyChart account, or you can contact our office at 812-450-7419 to have the forms sent to your home address.
  • Email your completed form to
    • We also accept completed forms via mail or fax:
Deaconess Weight Loss Solutions
4219 Gateway Blvd., Suite 2001
Newburgh, IN 47630
FAX: 812-858-6843

If you completed the forms via your MyChart account, you can electronically send them back to our office hassle free!
We look forward to supporting your child and your family throughout this journey.

Pediatric Weight Management​ New Patient Paperwork:

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