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How to Get Started

We are so glad you are taking the first step of your weight loss journey. Please follow the instructions below to successfully complete the new patient packet. All steps must be completed before the first clinic visit is scheduled.  

  1. Complete the new patient packet, by filling out the forms below.
  2. Need the forms mailed to you? Please contact Deaconess Weight Loss Solutions at 812-450-7419 and we will send the forms to your home.
  3. Mail or fax the completed forms to: Deaconess Weight Loss Solutions 310 W. Iowa Street
    Evansville, IN 47710, Fax: 812-450-6760
  4. Not a patient of Deaconess Health System? In order to better understand your medical history, we will ask for medical records from your established primary care physician.
  5. Attend a free seminar to meet one of our weight loss providers. Seminars are offered twice per month and are required for surgical candidates.
  6. Identify your support system. Who can be your cheerleader to keep you accountable to stick with the program?
  7. Get ready to lose weight! 
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