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Advances in Cancer Screening: Are you having a colonoscopy or low-dose CT scan?

 Cancer is a leading cause of death globally, and the incidence is increasing. Finding cancer early may help better treat the cancer and prevent cancer deaths.

Deaconess Clinic physicians are participating in a national clinical research study to collect blood samples and medical information to help in the development of a cancer screening blood test. To qualify, you must be age 45 to 85 and having a colorectal cancer screening by colonoscopy or age 50-80 and having a lung cancer screening by low-dose CT scan.

If you are interested in learning more about this study, please call the Deaconess Research Info-Line
at 812-474-7184 or toll free 877-654-0311.

Research Physicians:
Dr. Michelle Galen,
Dr. Darren Dulay

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