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Support Services

Navigating Your Visit
Nurse Navigation
Nurse navigators provide a full range of support services and can be a convenient, single point of contact between the entire care team for the patient and their loved ones.

Oncology Acute Care Clinic
During treatment, you may find that you don’t feel well due to side effects or an illness and need help managing your symptoms. With Oncology Acute Care, you can be treated more efficiently and conveniently in an environment tailored specifically to oncology patients’ needs.

Genetic Counseling
Genetic counselors are specially trained to help patients understand and adapt to the implications of genetic contributions to disease. A genetic counselor can educate about personal and family cancer risks in addition to suggested cancer screening surveillance.

Social Worker
Oncology social workers play a crucial role in the comprehensive cancer program by identifying barriers to getting the care patients need, such as, transportation, financial, community and mental health resources.

Palliative Care
Palliative care is a specialized form of medical care that is focused on providing relief from the symptoms and stress of a serious illness. It is appropriate at any age and at any stage for individuals living with serious illness, and can be provided alongside curative treatment.

Financial Assistance
Deaconess Health System treats all patients, regardless of their ability to pay, for emergent and medically necessary care.  Please contact the Patient Financial Services team for assistance if you have concerns regarding your medical bills.  Nurse Navigators and Oncology Social Workers can also help with financial concerns.  
Emotional and Spiritual Support
Spiritual Care
The Spiritual Care Department at Deaconess is designed to help patients and family members find comfort in times of uncertainty.

Chemo Buddies
Chemo Buddies is a volunteer group serving Deaconess Cancer Center locations, giving hope and encouragement to patients and their loves ones who are going through cancer treatment.

Cancer Pathways Midwest
Cancer Pathways Midwest offers at-no-cost services to help patients and their loved ones navigate the mental and emotional impacts of cancer, through individual work, support groups and seminars, education resources, and connecting to other support services.
Physical Well-being and Healthy Living
Good nutrition during and after cancer treatment is important for your body to function at its best, and to help manage side effects and symptoms of treatment and cancer.  Deaconess has Registered Dieticians available who are trained to address your special needs throughout your journey. 

Fertility Counseling
Meeting with a Reproductive Endocrinologist prior to starting your treatment can help answer some questions regarding your future fertility. At Boston IVF at TWH, you will meet with a provider to review treatment options and discuss outcomes; you also meet with the clinical team that will navigate this process with you.

Oncology Rehabilitation
Oncology rehabilitation actually can start before treatment starts. This allows us to get to know how you function and what your goals for recovery look like. We can then devise a plan to keep your strength and function while you are undergoing treatment.

Deaconess has trained professionals in Speech, Occupational and Physical therapy who are specially trained to work with cancer patients and their unique needs. Plans may address cancer related fatigue, pain, lymphedema, balance, Radiation Fibrosis Syndrome, as well as other physical quality of life concerns.

Oncology Pharmacy
Deaconess offers an in-house specialty pharmacy to assist with obtaining your cancer medications. The specialty pharmacy staff works closely with your insurance company as well as your provider to get you the right medication when you need it.

Home Medical Equipment
Deaconess Home Medical Equipment provides equipment and supplies that all more independence inside your home. With multiple locations throughout the tri-state area, they can assist with ordering, insurance, and delivery of necessary equipment. 

Deaconess Cancer Services defines cancer survivorship as a person living with, through, and beyond cancer.  Survivorship begins the day of diagnosis and extends for the rest of the patient’s life.  The need for preventative and ongoing medical treatment will be closely monitored and coordinated to ensure patients are provided what they need.
Oncology Research
The Deaconess Research Institute works to put the latest medical treatments available to our top medical experts, giving our patients the best medical care possible. 

Chemotherapy Education
View videos providing specific information and guidance on important topics related to chemotherapy treatment. 

Your Health
The Deaconess online health blog which includes cancer articles and videos from our expert physicians and staff.
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