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TrueBeam Radiotherapy System

The leading-edge TrueBeam radiotherapy system brings Deaconess Radiation Oncology to the forefront in the fight against cancer. Designed to treat targets with high speed and accuracy, TrueBeam is a fully-integrated system for image-guided radiotherapy and radiosurgery that addresses a diverse range of cancer cases.
Deaconess Cancer Services - TrueBeam Linear Accelerator

Truebeam uses advanced technology to help physicians treat areas in close proximity to critical structures, protecting healthy surrounding tissue. To enhance Deaconess’ stereotactic, radiosurgery and general radiotherapy program, advanced technologies such as motion management, integrated imaging and high dose rates are used to deliver these innovative treatments. The TrueBeam system offers our physicians intelligent tools for a wide spectrum of treatment options, including SBRT and SRS. TrueBeam is designed to help our clinicians navigate the complexities of cancer care by directing higher doses of radiation with greater precision, speed and confidence.

  • The Varian TrueBeam was designed to treat targets with advanced speed and improved accuracy
  • Enhanced onboard imaging technology improves accuracy of treatment setup and decreases treatment time
  • Advanced treatment couch technology allows for sub-millimeter positioning accuracy, leading to more precise treatment delivery
  • High-definition collimation improves radiation dose shaping for smaller lesions and lower dose to surrounding normal tissues
Key Features and Clinical Benefits
Improved treatment delivery accuracy through the use of advanced technology such as:
  • Enhanced Imaging for improved treatment targeting and decreased treatment time
  • Blended MV/kV radiographs
  • Respiration-synchronized fluoroscopy and cine MV
  • Respiration-synchronized MV and kV radiographs
  • kV image acquisition during treatment delivery
  • PerfectPitch Six Degrees of Freedom Treatment Couch
  • Delivery of advanced radiation therapy techniques with a high level of accuracy and reproducibility without compromising clinical workflow
  • Decrease in the time required for patient repositioning, leading to shorter treatments and less chance of patient movement
  • Fully-robotic position of the patient using six degrees of freedom, allowing for remote repositioning
  • Sub-millimeter positioning accuracy in both translations and rotations, leading to more accurate treatment delivery
Optical Surface Monitoring System (OSMS)
The Optical Surface Monitoring System (OSMS) employs proprietary 3D imaging technology to produce high-resolution, accurate 3D surface data referenced to the treatment isocenter. These tools allow the user to compare the patient treatment position with the reference patient surface both inside the treatment room and remotely.

The markerless system’s optical guidance provides advanced real-time 3D monitoring capability, which may be used remotely from the control room. A continuously updating display shows motion in all six degrees of freedom and may be viewed throughout treatment.

High-Definition 120 Multileaf Collimator (HD 120™ MLC)
  • Enables precise, focused dose through fine 2.5mm leaves that deliver treatments directly to the tumor while sparing surrounding healthy tissue
  • Designed specifically for treating small tumors with high radiation dose conforming capabilities
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