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Coping Resources for Healthcare Professionals

As we pass the two-year mark of living in a global pandemic, we are all anticipating better days and a return to more normal times.

Looking ahead is easier when you’re feeling better.  Below are some resources that can help Healthcare Professionals address cumulative fatigue, stress and burnout.

Crisis Lines

Online Support groups

Upcoming Events
  • Tearing Down the Barriers: Veteran, First Responder and Healthcare Professional Mental Health Summit

NAMI Frontline Wellness
NAMI is pleased to join the #FirstRespondersFirst initiative to support frontline health care and public safety professionals facing the adverse mental health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. This community-centered initiative is called NAMI Frontline Wellness. MHA Frontline COVID-19 Workers
Mental Health America has a page dedicated to supporting frontline workers. Find blogs, articles, and podcasts designed specifically for those dealing with burnout, emotional overload, and frustration. Learn More

Nurses Supporting Nurses American Medical Association – Physician Guidance

Mental Health Therapy offered by Deaconess

Mental Health Services (outside of Deaconess, in our communities)

Online counseling

In-person counseling - Indiana

In-person counseling – Kentucky

In-person counseling – Illinois

Meditation and Mindfulness Apps

Some of the apps below are free, while others offer a free trial with option to subscribe.
  • Moodfit (mindfulness, gratitude, breathwork)
  • Mood Mission is an evidence-based app to manage stress, low moods and anxiety
  • Moodmate: Good Mood Coach guides users to better mental health, self-care and optimism
  • Sanvello includes cognitive behavioral therapy techniques for stress relief
  • Tripp Oculus Virtual Reality Meditation
  • Aura offers personalized meditations for adults, as well as nature sounds, life coaching and music.
  • Calm offers a variety of meditation for users at all levels, from calming anxiety to mindfulness for children.
  • Headspace includes guided meditation to sleep meditation, for both adults and children.
  • InsightTimer offers an assortment of meditation sessions that cover a variety of topics (depression, anxiety, insomnia, stress)
In your app store, search for "health and fitness" apps for additional resources related to well-being, workouts and more. Many offer free trials, followed by monthly or annual subscription options.
Substance Abuse Support Resources Other
Helpful Articles and Infographics
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