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Neurosurgery Joint Venture Arrangement

DCI, Deaconess Hospital, Inc. (“Deaconess Hospital”) and Neurosurgical Consultants, LLP (“NSC”) and its neurosurgeons (“NSC Physicians”) are parties to an arrangement involving Mainspring Managers, LLC (“Mainspring”), a joint venture formed for the purpose of developing a more clinically integrated and efficient model for the delivery of neurosurgical services to patients and to facilitate the achievement of the parties’ goals, including the goals of the MSSP.  In connection with the overall arrangement which commenced on 04/01/2014, and has been periodically been amended from time to time, (a) Mainspring provides management and related administrative services to Deaconess Hospital in connection with certain neuro surgery services performed at Deaconess Gateway (the “Neurosurgery Services”) and has engaged NSC and the NSC Physicians to provide services on behalf of Mainspring in support of the Neurosurgery Services, and (b) DCI provides input and oversight of the arrangement.  The parties amended the arrangement effective as of 1/01/2022, by expanding the scope of services Mainspring provides in connection with the Neurosurgery Services, including the provision of certain clinical staff and the provision of advanced practice nurse(s) to provide additional support in the inpatient setting to physicians who perform neurology surgery, provide education and training to registered nurses involved in the Neurology Services and outreach services.

The overall arrangement involving Mainspring, Deaconess Hospital, NSC and the NSC Physician allows the parties to work in collaboration with DCI to create collective accountability and to facilitate the parties in achieving the goals and objectives of DCI, including the goals of the MSSP.

For specific questions regarding this or other Deaconess Care Integration programs, please contact:
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