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COVID-19 Support Fund

Posted: 4/22/2020
During this pandemic, many new opportunities have risen to help our patients and front line health care workers. We see acts of sacrifice, creativity and innovation each day. Modern health care has undoubtedly reached levels of sophistication only dreamed of by the men and women who founded Deaconess Hospital more than a century ago, but the convictions on which the hospital was built - compassionate care, quality caregivers and commitment to service and medical science - remain the same.
These core values will continue to guide our journey through this pandemic and into a new world of medicine.
Your financial support will enable Deaconess to continue its long history of making new technology and resources available to our patients and medical professionals. From a play therapy kit for a child needing mental health services at home to cutting-edge laboratory testing technology, each gift makes a difference.
Our commitment to progressive, patient-centered care guides our work every day. Thank you for giving to our COVID-19 Support Fund.

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