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Deaconess IU Health Plans

Our unique partnership with IU Health Plans gives Deaconess Health System the area’s only provider-sponsored health plan, which allows us to effectively bend the cost curve.

How are we changing healthcare?
A new approach that reduces overall cost
  • Unique perspective as a health plan embedded in a health system
  • More efficient way of keeping members healthy that delivers bottom-line results
Built by the authorities on care
  • Deaconess Health System is the leader in serving the local community, and IU Health is the state’s leading health system, nationally-ranked for 18 consecutive years for clinical excellence
  • Highly-skilled physicians—those best equipped to solve today's health challenges—work to leverage benefits for patients
Flexible, individualized member programs
  • Powered by Deaconess Health System, OneCare and the IU Health Plans networks, real-time data is used to proactively stratify members for prevention and early detection.
  • Physician-led care team to create a comprehensive PATH (Personalized Approach to Health) plan to improve stratified patients’ quality of care. The care team consists of a care coordinator, a pharmacist and a social worker, to name a few.
Stronger member engagement leveraging the doctor/member relationship
  • Care coordinators work with physicians' offices to coordinate individualized, personalized care
  • High engagement rates with members, which lead to improvement or stabilization of the member’s disease state
Change is here. 
Deaconess Health System and IU Health Plans are your organization’s best option for providing better care for your employees and keeping your costs down. See what this unique, innovative partnership can do for you by contacting us today.

To request more information on IU Health Plans, please contact our Benefit Solutions team.
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