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COVID-19 Testing at Deaconess

 COVID-19 testing is recommended for patients who currently have symptoms, or who have had direct exposure to a person with COVID-19. 
If you currently have symptoms of COVID-19, schedule your test now.
  1. Answer a few questions about why you need to be tested
  2. Schedule your testing appointment. View Locations

    Testing sites include:
    o Deaconess Lab EXPRESS - Gateway MOB 2 
    o Deaconess Lab EXPRESS - Mt. Pleasant
    o Deaconess Lab EXPRESS - Klutey Park - Henderson 
    o Deaconess Lab EXPRESS - Mt. Vernon
    o Deaconess Lab EXPRESS - Oakland City
    o Deaconess Union County Hospital 

    Hours vary at each location.

    All Deaconess Clinic Urgent Care and EXPRESS locations also provide COVID testing when appropriate, as part of an assessment of a patient who is ill and needs care. Walk-in COVID testing is not available at these locations.

  3. Update your insurance information in MyChart* or email copies of your insurance cards to .  How to update your insurance information in MyChart: Login to your MyChart, select Menu option > scroll down to Insurance Summary.  You can request to update, replace photos of insurance cards, or remove incorrect coverage.
  4. At the testing site, follow instructions from staff. A nasal swab test will be performed and sent to our lab.
  5. Watch your MyChart account for your results within 1-4 days. (see FAQs for more details).
Updates on Costs
If you have questions about whether or not your insurance will cover your COVID test, please contact your insurance carrier directly. If you do not have insurance you may apply for financial assistance after your COVID testing or vaccine/booster appointment. Applications and more information on how to apply can be found here.

If you have any further questions on how to apply or what is needed to apply after your appointment, please contact our Patient Financial Assistance department  at 812-450-3435.

If you have questions about whether or not your insurance will cover your COVID test, please contact your insurance carrier directly. If you do not have insurance, please

More testing questions?  Visit the COVID-19 FAQ page
Schedule a COVID Test
Have you been exposed to someone (at least 5 days ago) who has tested positive for COVID-19? :
Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? Choose all that apply. :

Are you required to have a COVID-19 test for travel, camps, sports, concerts or another reason that is not related to an exposure or currently being ill? If yes, $139 will be directly billed to you and not your insurance carrier.:
Do you need a COVID-19 test due to: a COVID-19 exposure or symptoms, for a pre-procedure requirement, medical testing, or another medical reason? If Yes, your insurance will be billed directly. :
Is this your first test for COVID-19?:
Are you employed in healthcare?:
Do you live in a nursing home, residential care facility, psychiatric treatment facility, group home, board of care home, homeless shelter, foster care or another communal setting?:
Are you pregnant?:
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