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125th Anniversary

Deaconess 125th Anniversary

In 2017, Deaconess celebrates 125 years of caring for the Tri-State.  Compassion for patients and dedication to this community have been a core value of the organization since our beginning.  That commitment to progressive, patient-centered care continues to guide our work every day, as our priorities are set and decisions are made with a local focus and direction.  
From those early days, to our current six-hospital, multi-state health system, one constant remains:  high-quality health care delivered with a compassionate spirit.  

125th Celebration Photos 
Deaconess 125th Anniversary Celebration - 1 Deaconess 125th Anniversary Celebration - 2Deaconess 125th Anniversary Celebration - 3
Deaconess 125th Anniversary Celebration - 4 Deaconess 125th Anniversary Celebration - 5 Deaconess 125th Anniversary Celebration - 6Deaconess 125th Anniversary Celebration - 7

Photos from the Past 
Deaconess 125th Past Photos - 1Deaconess 125th Past Photos - 2Deaconess 125th Past Photos - 1
Deaconess 125th Past Photos - 4Deaconess 125th Past Photos - 5Deaconess 125th Past Photos - 6
Deaconess 125th Past Photos - 7Deaconess 125th Past Photos - 8

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